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Our Tutti Method Programs



Tutti Music Studio strives to bring music to all children by using Dr. Suzuki’s loving and nurturing approach to music education but also provide music theory, ear training and sight reading training. Our goal is to help create more complete and developed children.

Lessons are custom tailored to fit each student’s learning style. Students, Parents and Instructors work together to create musical goals and implement a plan to reach and in most cases, soar above those goals, instilling confidence, patience and a passion for the creative process.

Tutti Music Method program tuition includes the private lesson as well as group classes so that students can learn from their peers.

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(Suzuki for Young Kids)

This 45 minute class allows you and your child to learn the fundamentals needed to be successful at instrument lessons and have fun together at the same time!

  •  Introduce your child to the wide and wonderful world of music through Pre-instrument Program.

  •  Explore music from around the globe with your children while singing, dancing, and playing instruments. Designed for children and parents, each class explores a new musical culture in engaging ways.

  •  Motor, pre-language, and musical skills are developed simultaneously, while children actively participate in the music making. By exploring music through song, dance, and basic instruments, children develop musical and social skills.

  •  Pre-Instrument programs are also proven to foster physical, emotional, and cognitive growth.

Each semester:

  • Weekly individual/Group lesson (45 minutes)

  • 1 Recital

Let's Explore the Wonderful World of Music Together.

Suzuki Instrument Program

Embark on the Tutti Jorney, we adopt the fundamental of the Suzuki method but tailored it towards based on our years of experience in teaching under the traditional manner.

Learning in both private and group settings allow the child to progress as a solo performer, boosting their confidence playing in front of a crowd and also working with little muscians as a team.

  •  We provided Piano, Cello, Violin and Viola classes to child with or without prior instrument knowledge.

  •  Parents are encouraged to attend lessons with children, functions at home as a surrogate teacher and supervising the child’s daily practice. The child’s accomplishments rest upon a cooperative triangle formed by the teacher, the child and the parent.

  •  Group Class prepares the children to play together. It’s a preparation class for chamber music course. The class provides also general music instruction and an introduction to the rudiments of note reading. The class reinforces the work done in the private lesson and provides incentive and stimulus important for very young children.

  •  Parents’ Classes are an essential component of the program. In these classes parents learn to play the instrument in order to become more comfortable with the idea of helping their children.


Each semester:
Weekly individual piano lesson (30/45/60 minutes)
6 Musicianship Group Lesson (45 minutes)
2 Parents’ education lesson (30 minutes)
1 Recital
*Group lessons are mandatory for children under 10


Adult Program

It’s never too late to discover, or rediscover, the joy of studying music.

Taught by our conservatory’s best teachers, our classes for adults 20+ fit a variety of skill levels. From beginner to advanced, there is something for everyone.

  •  Conveneintly located at Central for you to take a break from work.

  •  For adults of all skill levels.

  •  Package lessons with flexible hours.

1 semester (Piano/Cello/Violin):
15 lessons package (60 minutes)*
*Flexible dates. Every lesson must be booked at least one week in advance
1 Recital

Optional Lessons (paid separately):
- Music theory
- Sight reading
- Aural
- Chamber

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