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Q: What kind of instrumental lessons do we offer?


A: Our highly trained teachers offer lessons in Piano, Cello, Violin and Viola.

Q: how many terms are there in one year?


A: Winter Term (January-March)   Spring Term (April-June) Summer Term (July-September)

Fall Term (September-December).

Q: How do we acquire an instrument?


A: In the first class meeting we provide resources for instrument, music, accessories and reading materials.

Q: Should I study Suzuki or traditional methods?

A: We offer both traditional and Suzuki methods.

The advantage of the Suzuki method is that students as young as 3 years old can begin to study an instrument at an early age. 


For the older student ages 7 and up, traditional methods that incorporate a balanced approach to reading music, aural development and technique are most often the preferred approach.


At Tutti Music Studio, unlike other schools and private teachers, we offer group classes and chamber classes that help students accelerate learning through peer interaction.

Q: How many Suzuki lessons do we have each term

and how long is each lesson?

A: There are around 11 private lessons  and 5 group classes according to the calendar.


Private lessons are offered in

30, 45, and 60 minute time slots and group classes are

30 ,45 minutes in length.

Q: What is the right age to start a child on an instrument?

A: Dr. Suzuki once said "you are never too young and rarely too old" to play an instrument.

With the Suzuki method children most often begin music lessons between the ages of 4 and 6.


We also offer Pre-instrument classes for children between the age of 2 and 4.

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