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Suzuki Piano

At Tutti Music Studio, we believe that anyone can learn to play the Piano with the right guidance and motivation. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced pianist, our teachers will work with you to create a customized lesson plan that suits your individual needs and goals.


Our studio is equipped with top-of-the-line instruments and technology, ensuring that you have the best tools at your disposal to maximize your learning experience. We also offer a range of performance opportunities throughout the year, including recitals and competitions, so you can showcase your progress and gain confidence as a performer.

Join us at Tutti Music Studio and discover the joy of playing the piano with the Suzuki Piano Method. Contact us today to schedule a trial lesson and start your musical journey!

Suzuki Piano
Suzuki Piano Chamber

Course Outline

Program components include:

  • one on one lesson classes

  • small group class emphasizing tone, technique, chamber music opportunity (once every two weeks)

  • optional one on one parent class to help you teach your children at home

  • a performance recital

Progression Path

  • Early focus on listening and imitation: The Suzuki Method emphasizes the importance of listening to music and learning by imitation, just as children learn to speak their native language.

  • Gradual introduction of reading music: While reading music is not the primary focus at the beginning, it is gradually introduced as the student progresses.

  • Group lessons and recitals: Suzuki students often participate in group lessons and recitals, providing opportunities for performance and socialization.

  • Emphasis on practice: Regular and consistent practice is essential for progress in the Suzuki Method, and parents are expected to be actively involved in their child's practice routine.

  • Mastery of core repertoire: The Suzuki Method has a specific sequence of pieces that students learn, with an emphasis on mastering the core repertoire before moving on to more advanced pieces.

  • Continuous learning and improvement: Suzuki students are encouraged to continue learning and improving throughout their musical journey, with a focus on long-term development rather than short-term goals.

Private Parent Class

  • We know you are busy!

  • If you really can’t come to assist your children’s private class, these classes will equip you with tools and tips to help cultivate a positive and productive environment and promote success in your Suzuki journey at home (no need to prepare your instrument).

  • The importance of consistent practice and repetition in the Suzuki method, and how to create a practice routine that works for both the child and parent.

  • How to effectively communicate with their child's music teacher and be an advocate for their child's musical education.

Tuition Fees

3 months each term

For New Piano Students:
30' minutes package  HK$ 9,130

45' minutes package HK$ 11,230

Includes 10 private classes, 3 private parent classes and 1 recital

Suzuki Piano Package

30' minutes package  HK$ 10,900

45' minutes package  HK$ 13,210

60' minutes package  HK$  15,630

Includes 11 private classes, 5 group classes and1 recital

Flexible Piano Package

8 private lessons (60') and1 recital    HK$9,650

11 private lessons (60') and1 recital  HK$12,870

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