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2024 Winter/ Spring Violin / Viola Course

Are you or your child interested in learning how to play the violin or viola?

Do you want to have a fun and memorable summer experience while also improving your skills on the instrument?

Look no further than our summer special violin/viola course with Ms. Kate , Ms. Valerie and Mr. Charles at Tutti Music Studio Central HK


Suzuki Violin/ Viola
The Program is for Suzuki violin students of any age and at all levels. A hallmark of the Tutti Music Studio is the depth of teaching experience each faculty member brings to their classes. 

Course Outline

Program components include:

• one on one lesson classes

• small group class emphasizing tone, technique, chamber music opportunity (once every two weeks)
• optional one on one parent class to help you teach your children at home
• a performance recital

Progression Path

Graduation concert 

Certain pieces in the Suzuki repertoire are designated as Graduation Levels.

When students have studied beyond the piece for each level, they may graduate - that is, they prepare a polished performance of the set piece

Private Parent Class

We know you are busy!

If you really can’t come to assist your children’s private class, these classes will equip you with tools and tips to help cultivate a positive and productive environment and promote success in your Suzuki journey at home. (no need to prepare your instrument)

Tuition Fees

3 months each term

• For New Violin / Viola Students:
30' minutes package  HK$ 8,680

45' minutes package HK$ 10,480

Includes 10 private classes, 3 private parent classes,1 recital

• Suzuki Violin / Viola Package:

30' minutes package  HK$ 10,450

45' minutes package  HK$ 12,760

60' minutes package  HK$  15,180

Includes 11 private classes, 5 group classes,

1 recital

• Flexible Adult Violin / Viola Package:

 8  private lessons  (60'), 1 recital  HK$9,200

11 private lessons (60'), 1 recital  HK$12,420

Professional Violin & Viola Tutor

Summer Courses

Flexible Violin Lessons

Music 101 course

Chamber Music opportunity

30/45/60 minutes

1 on 1 lessons

30 minutes  private class

Complete Music Lesson Includes Music Theory, Aural, Sight-Reading, Music Dictation, Music History,

optional class

for who loves to play with others

Kate & violin student.jpeg

Fun Package

8 flexible private lessons


4 Music 101 lessons 

30 minutes HK$ 7.600

45 minutes HK$ 8.900

60 minutes HK$ 11.000

*Optional Chamber Class

WhatsApp Image 2023-10-21 at 10.11.28 AM.jpeg

Private Class only


10 flexible private lessons



30 minutes HK$ 7.200

45 minutes HK$ 8.800

60 minutes HK$ 11.300

*Optional Chamber Class


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