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Tutti Music Studio's Summer Concert 2024 with a Resounding Success.

Updated: Jun 23

Our Summer Concert 2024, held on Sunday 16 June was a memorable time filled with delightful musical performances from the students. 

From soulful cello solos to captivating violin and piano pieces, the concert showcased the musical talent and dedication of the young musicians.

One of the highlights of the performances was the students group performances featuring violin and cello quartets, as well as a mesmerising cello trio. 

In addition to the student performances, the concert also featured a special trio performance by Mr. Arthur on the piano, Ms. Kate on the violin, and Ms. Jochan on the cello. Their beautiful melodies and passionate rhythms captivated the audience, inviting them to immerse themselves in the charm of music.

Hosting recitals at the end of each term is more than just a tradition – it is a celebration of hard work, dedication, and musical growth. By stepping onto the stage and sharing their musical talents with an audience, students not only showcase their skills but also build resilience and character.

Performing also builds confidence  as receiving applause and praise for their music warms the heart and affirms they are doing something great. Students feel a sense of accomplishment by setting a goal, working hard, and then achieving it.

Good job to all students and thank you for the great supports from parents and the guidance from teachers.

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