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Fulfill Your Music Potential

Tutti Music Studio is a "Suzuki Method"-inspired music education center located in Central, the heart of Hong-Kong.

Our "Student First" philosophy is designed to unleash everyone's musical potential.

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2024 Summer Special 
Violin & Viola Course

Are you or your child interested in learning how to play the violin or viola? 

Do you want to have a fun and memorable summer experience while also improving your skills on the instrument? 

Look no further than our summer special violin/viola course with Ms. Kate , Mr. Charles and Ms. Valerie at Tutti Music Studio Central HK !


What's New Around Tutti

"Tutti", taken from an Italian word, means Everyone.

We strive to ensure that everyone experiences the wonderful world of music.


Music is a language and every child is born with the potential to master this language, if given proper environment, nurturing and expert teaching.

  • Our classes are offered with love and care, with the goal to help your children achieve their full musical potential.

  • Our state-of-the art center provides students with a quiet and undisturbed practice environment.

  • Conveniently located in Central, our studio is easily accessible by car and public transport.


Through the medium of music, we cultivate each student’s desire for excellence.

Learn with the TUTTI method

Tutti Music Studio strives to bring music to all children by using Dr. Suzuki’s loving and nurturing approach to music education but also providing music theory, ear training and sight reading training. Our goal is to help create more all-rounded and developed children.

We provide a clear path of progression to children in their path of music learning. Our courses are expertly designed to allow the child to learn in a fun and engaging environment.

Meet the Master Instructors

All our instructors are accomplished musicians and experienced Suzuki-method instructors.

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