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It’s Never Too Late: Embracing the Joys of Learning a Music Instrument as an Adult

Learning a musical instrument is a unique experience that demands dedication, passion, and resilience. For one of our adult students- Amanda, stepping into the world of music later in life can be both challenging and rewarding.

For Amanda, the cello was not just an instrument, it was a gateway to a new world of creativity and self-expression. She embarked on this challenging yet fulfilling journey with unwavering determination. With zero prior experience in playing cello, she has received with Ms. Jochan's expert guidance and successfully overcame all challenges of music theory and technique, slowly but surely shaping her into a skilled cellist.

Today, we celebrate Amanda's extraordinary achievement of obtaining distinction in her first trial of the ABRSM Cello Grade 5 Exam, marking a significant milestone in her musical pursuit.

We believe that music has the power to enrich our lives at any age. It’s never too late to start your musical journey as an adult. Whether you’re fulfilling a lifelong dream or simply looking for a new hobby to enrich your life, learning a music instrument offers endless opportunities for growth, fulfilment, and joy.

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