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Tutti Music Studio Students' Beautiful Melody Stuns at the 2023 Christmas Concert!

3 December 2023

As the spirit of the holiday season settled in , Tutti Music Studio's students struck chords of enchantment and created a magical performance at the Christmas Concert 2023 at City Hall on 3 December.

With students beautifully playing on the cello, violin, and piano, the young musicians showcased their dedication and talent, leaving the audience spellbound. We are proud of our 26 incredible musicians. Bravo!

Last but not least, Ms. Jochan, the cello tutor, Ms. Valerie, Mr. Albert and Mr. Charles, the violin tutors, and Ms. Queena and Ms. Bianca of piano tutors truly deserve recognition for their commitment to teaching. Their dedication and unwavering support have undoubtedly contributed to their students' growth and success in music skills.

Please enjoy our students' wonderful performance at the Christmas Concert 2023!

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